Sing By Sight

Your Industry Endorsed Sight Singing Course

Sing By Sight is a unique online sight singing course that will take you through every element of sight singing in a way that is fun and engaging.

With amazing graphics and audio tracks, Sing By Sight will inspire you and teach you everything you need to know to become a confident and secure sight singer.


1 Year Access to Advanced Course

Course Checklist

Before you begin the Advanced Level of Sing By Sight, ensure you know all the information from the Intermediate Level as well as the information here.

  • Understand the time signature of 6/8

  • Know the note and rest values of sixteenth notes (semiquavers), dotted half notes, dotted quarter notes and dotted eighth notes

  • Know the key signatures of A Major, Bb Major, E minor, B minor, D minor, G minor and C minor

  • Know how to construct a Major Scale and the Natural Minor scale

  • Know how to construct a Major Pentatonic Scale and a Minor Pentatonic Scale

  • Know how to sing up and down a Chromatic Scale

  • Be able to identify the notes from G below Middle C to A, 2 octaves and 1 note above

  • Be able to recognise staccato marks and pick-up bars on music and understand what they mean

  • Be able to start a piece on notes other than the tonic and chords other than the key chord

  • Understand 'tension' notes -how to read them and how to hold on to them when sight singing

Course Curriculum

The information you will learn on the Advanced Course of Sing By Sight

  • Level 6

    •The Notes of theBass Clef
    •Key Signatures in the Bass Clef
    •The Keys fo Eb Major and F minor
    •Minor Scales (Natural, Harmonic and Melodic)
    •Major and Minor 7th Chords
    •More Work on 1/16th Note Rhythms
    •6/8 with Dotted Notes
    •Putting It Together
    •1/4 Note Triplets
    •Reading Vocal Arrangements
    •In Context

  • Level 7

    The Keys of E Major and C# minor
    Blues Notes
    Dealing with Larger Intervals
    Rhythms Practice
    1/8th Note Triplets
    The Time Signature of 12/8
    Swung Rhythms
    Putting It Together
    In Context

  • Level 8

    The Keys of Ab Major and F# Minor
    Rhythm Practice
    More Time Signatures
    Changing Time and Feel
    Changing Key Signature (Modulating)
    Challenging Intervals
    Putting It Together
    Interpreting The Notation
    Over The Stand Dictation
    In Context

Bundle includes

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