Sing By Sight

Your Industry Endorsed Sight Singing Course

Sing By Sight is a unique online sight singing course that will take you through every element of sight singing in a way that is fun and engaging.

With amazing graphics and audio tracks, Sing By Sight will inspire you and teach you everything you need to know to become a confident and secure sight singer.


Lifetime Access to Beginner Bundle


The information you will learn with the Beginner Bundle of Sing By Sight

  • Foundation

    •What are rhythms
    •What is melodic movement
    •The Stave and Bar Lines
    •The Treble Clef
    •The names of notes in music
    •What are Time Signatures
    •What are note values
    •What are rests in music
    •Keep Going!
    •Shapes in music

  • Level 1

    •The Time Signature of 4/4
    •Key Signatures
    •The Key of C Major
    •Phrasing In Music
    •Moving Up And Down A 5th
    •Singing Repeated Notes
    •Singing Around A Chord
    •Putting It Together
    •The Key of G Major
    •The Key of F Major
    •In Context

  • Level 2

    •Whole Tones and Half Tones
    •The Key of D Major
    •Minor Scale Construction
    •The Key of A Minor
    •Moving Around The Chord of A Minor
    •Eighth Notes (1/8th)
    •Eighth Note (1/8th) Rests
    Putting It Together
    •Tied Notes
    •The Time Signature of 3/4
    •In Context

Don't forget you will also have access to regular Live Webinars where you will look at a wide range of sight singing issues, sight sing some exciting music and ask questions in a live setting. There will also be occasional interviews with top UK professional vocalists - you can listen to their experience and their advice on the music business.