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“We are very excited to announce that Sing By Sight is now being used to teach sight singing to students at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, UK.

ICMP is one of the most respected colleges for teaching contemporary commercial music in the UK and we are proud to announce this strategic partnership”

Sing By Sight Creator

Emer McParland

Have you ever wished you could.....

pick up a piece of music and sight sing it?

find a course that teaches you to sight sing your style of music?

find resources that help you improve your sight singing skills?

“Emer’s approach and guidance to reading music throughout my learning years has proved imperative to my career as a session singer. I encourage every singer I meet to take on even some basic reading skills as it has helped me to progress even further and move into vocal arranging.
Simple and highly effective teaching - I can’t be more thankful to Emer and to recommend her work enough. ”

Backing Vocalist (Dua Lipa, Kylie Minogue, Ellie Goulding, Trevor Horn, The Ministry Of Sound and more........)

Izzy Chase

What is Sing By Sight?

This is not a computer generated course!

a self-paced, progressive, fully online sight singing course written for you, whatever your style of singing - Pop, Musical Theatre, R&B, Jazz, Country, Rock etc.

a course written and presented to you by a real singer, with 30 years experience at the top of the music business.

a fantastic resource for singers who want to learn or improve, with over 700 exercises and backing tracks.

a comprehensive course that includes live Webinars, adding fun to your learning experience, but also giving you the real world experience you need to improve and reach your goals.

“As a relative novice to the discipline, I was amazed by how quickly I progressed and how soon I was able to put what Emer taught me into professional practice. ”

Session Vocalist (Basement Jaxx, Groove Armada, Roxy Music, Beverley Knight), Musical Theatre (The Lion King, Sister Act), Vocal Coach (The Voice UK), Actor (Television and Film)

Me'sha Bryan

Learn to sight sing with an expert!

Sing By Sight is a unique sight singing course written specifically for Contemporary Commercial Music singers, and delivered by top UK vocalist and vocal tutor, Emer McParland ~ Solo Big Band Vocalist on Marvel's 'Avengers:Endgame' movie.

Emer has sung on soundtracks ranging from the classic Sleepy Hollow through to several of the Harry Potter movies, as well as singing backing vocals for artists as diverse as Kylie Minogue, Björkand Andrea Bocelli.

She knows the information and knowledge you need to improve and succeed as a sight singer, whatever your style, level or age.
Click Your Tutor link above for Emer’s full biography

“Emer's style of coaching is clear, concise and informative, providing truly qualitative learning, encouraging the student and enabling them to track their progress in a tangible way.”

Vocalist, Vocal Coach (The Voice, UK, The Voice Kids, UK), Vocal Tutor (The Brit School)

Jenny Howe

What does each Course contain?

“Lifetime Access”
gives you access to all the material below!

  • For each of the Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Courses you get a years access to:

    •3 Levels of sight singing material + the Webinar Library

    •11 Chapters in each Level, consisting of Theory, Practical and Further Study tutorials (over 250 videos in total)

    •Further Study material for every chapter ~ over 700 exercises with bespoke backing tracks (in total)

    •Quizzes included throughout the course, aimed at reinforcing your learning

    •Vocal Exercises with each level as preparation for upcoming material

    •Regular Webinars (live lessons), giving you the opportunity to engage with your learning in a 'live' situation

Take that step and learn to sight sing today

Whatever your style, whatever your level...

Realise your dreams and ambitions with Sing By Sight
See results every step of the way
Study with material that is relevant and real world
Gain confidence in your ability to sight sing

Current Student Testimonials

Read what Sing By Sight students say about the course:

“The Webinar was set up brilliantly and your encouragement to let us interact was wonderful, I’m thoroughly enjoying (the course) and really soaking it up.”



“Sing By Sight has given me the chance to learn something I never thought I'd be able to, and speaking as someone who has always struggled with learning due to dyslexia, I've found the course is presented in a way that makes it acceptable to all learning abilities.”



“The platform is so easy to use and you can work at your own pace at your specific ability level. There is so much content and everything is explained thoroughly. Emer is brilliant and is always there to answer any questions which gives the course a real personal touch that you just don't get on most online courses. ”



Course Curriculum

Click on each section to see the curriculum for that level.

  • Foundation Level

    The Stave and Bar Lines
    The Treble Clef
    Name of Notes
    Time Signatures
    Note Values
    Keep Going!

  • Level 1

    The Time Signature of 4/4
    Key Signatures
    The Key of C major
    Moving Up and Down a 5th
    Repeating Notes
    Moving Around a Chord
    Putting It Together
    The Key of G Major
    The Key of F Major
    In Context

  • Level 2

    Whole Tones and Half Tones
    The Key of D Major
    Minor Scale Construction
    The Key of A minor
    Moving Around the Chord of A minor
    Eighth Notes (1/8th)
    Eighth Note (1/8th) Rests
    Putting It Together
    Tied Notes
    The Time Signature of 3/4
    In Context

  • Level 3

    The Full Major Scale
    The Scale of A Natural Minor
    Up and Down Arpeggios
    The Keys of E minor and D minor
    More Complex 1/8th Note Rhythms
    Adding Rhythms to Scales
    Starting on Notes Other Than the Tonic
    Putting It Together
    Staccato Notes
    Dotted Notes
    In Context

  • Level 4

    The Key of A Major
    The Keys of B minor and C minor
    The Major Pentatonic Scale
    The Minor Pentatonic Scale
    Using Passing Notes
    Chromatic Movement
    Rhythm Work
    Putting It Together
    Basic Lyrics
    The Time Signature of 6/8
    In Context

  • Level 5

    The Keys of Bb Major and G minor
    Moving Around Chords in Major Keys
    Moving Around Chords in Minor Keys
    Tension Notes
    Sixteenth (1/16h) Notes
    Sixteenth (1/16th) Note Rests
    Singing with Sixteenth (1/16th) Notes
    Putting It Together
    Starting On Other Chords
    Pick-up Bars
    In Context

  • Level 6

    The Notes of the Bass Clef
    Key Signatures in the Bass Clef
    The Keys of Eb Major and F minor
    Minor Scales (Natural, Harmonic and Melodic)
    Major and Minor 7th Chords
    More Work on 1/16 Note Rhythms
    6/8 with Dotted Notes
    Putting It Together
    1/4 Note Triplets
    Reading Vocal Arrangements
    In Context

  • Level 7

    The Keys of E Major and C# minor
    Blues Notes
    Dealing with Larger Intervals
    Rhythms Practice
    1/8th Note Triplets
    The Time Signature of 12/8
    Swung Rhythms
    Putting It Together
    In Context

  • Level 8

    The Keys of Ab Major and F# Minor
    Rhythm Practice
    More Time Signatures
    Changing Time and Feel
    Changing Key Signature (Modulating)
    Challenging Intervals
    Putting It Together
    Interpreting The Notation
    Over The Stand Dictation
    In Context

“She is a great tutor of sight singing, with a brilliant knack of instilling confidence in students.”

Session Singer (Damon Albarn, Alexandra Burke, BBC TV and Radio, ITV, and more) Vocal Coach (Malaysia/UK)

Tommy Ng

Start To Sing By Sight Now!

Learn to sight sing and put yourself in the mix for fantastic opportunities in the world of singing.


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  • What device can I use to work on Sing By Sight?

    Sing By Sight works on all devices:
    Because of the nature of the material however, we recommend you use a desktop, laptop or tablet, as the written music can be too small to read on a mobile.

  • Does the price I pay for Sing By Sight Lifetime Access allow me to work on all 9 levels of the course?

    If You purchase the Lifetime Access your Membership gives you access to all 9 level of Sing By Sight.
    This comprehensive access allows you to gradually work your way through each level of the course, or dip in and dip out of levels as you fill in any gaps in your Sight Singing knowledge.

  • Is there an age limit to Sing By Sight?

    There is no age limit as such to Sing By Sight. The youngest age we would recommend is 8 years old, but overall the material is written and presented in such a way as to suit any age.

  • Are there any 'live' elements to Sing By Sight?

    Yes. There are regular Webinars (live lessons) on Sing By Sight, focusing on a range of sight singing elements. There are also special features in the Webinars, such as interviews with a wide range of music industry figures, and conversations with other vocalists from a variety of music backgrounds.

    You also have the opportunity to engage in real time with the webinars, reading music, asking questions, and generally having some fun!

  • Can I share this course with my friends?

    Sing By Sight Memberships are licensed for individuals only, and the course is under copyright. We're thrilled you want to share the course, but we'd be really grateful if you referred your friends and colleagues to the website so they can check out Sing By Sight for themselves. Thank you for respecting our work.

  • What do I do if I have a question?

    You can email in any questions you have relating to the course, whether they are musical questions, or technical questions.

All Lyrics and Music on Sing By Sight written, arranged and performed by Emer McParland
Filming, editing, mixing and mastering by Rob Sneddon
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